Thursday, August 8, 2013

Upgrade your entryway for under $20 and 30 minutes

When we moved into our house, the front door looked like this:

The previous owners had old sheers over the windows and then about two feet of plexiglass nailed on top of them. The only explanation I have is that they must have had little dogs that scratched at the sheers. The thing they didn't think about was the 1 inch gap between the plexiglass and the wall to collect years of dust, dirt and bugs. Eww...

This was one of the first things I took down in the house. Putting up new curtains was a really quick, inexpensive project that provided a lot of impact.

What you'll need:

• Curtain rod ($4.99 at Ross)
• Canvas drop cloth ($8 at Big Lots)
• Curtain Rod Clips ($6.29 at Target)
• Heat & Bond (Optional if you want to hem the raw edges. I actually haven't gotten to this yet... oops)

The directions are simple. Cut drop cloth in half, hem if your little heart desires, hang curtain rod, attach curtain clips to curtains, and viola. You have yourself a lovely new entryway.

Wall color: Valspar in Aspen Gray
Umbrella vase: Korean garden shop
Rug: Ross

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